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Won’t it be pleasing to know a supply company that could provide solutions to your problems?

Knowing that you could contact us at any time, would give you peace of mind, for the solution is on hand.

We at UMMAC promise to give you the best service and quality solutions at affordable prices.

UMMAC specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of electric motors and emergency warning and notification systems. Its cutting edge technology, high quality long range sirens and control systems are found in numerous industrial, mining and military safety and security solutions worldwide.

The company further maintains strong representation and working partnership agreements with strategic international USA and European organisations that offer specialised and innovative electronic warning solutions. These systems include remote controlled electronic sounders, mobile, wireless and solar sirens, beacons, voice message fire alarms and other audio and visual safety and security equipment.

UMMAC products, early warning and mass notification solutions have already been implemented by a number of customers worldwide e.g. Asia, Africa, Europe and a number of Middle Eastern countries.

UMMAC International BV, the company’s Netherlands based office, are responsible for International trade and ensure prompt and direct service throughout the world for all the group’s products, from emergency warning systems, electric motors, water filtration and purification systems including the popular solar water purifiers.

Our international quality management benchmark ISO 9001: 2008 sets the standard of workmanship, best practices covering our products, service and delivery.

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