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BSS cooperates with Twist for integration programs for mobile command and control, observation and air traffic control towers and posts.

The mobile air traffic control TMT 13500© conceived by TWIST was designed to provide flexible and rapidly operational air traffic control services complying with high performances requirements. The mobile air traffic control tower can be elevated up to 13.8 meters. Transportable by air, sea and road, the TMT 13500© may be rapidly set up and its deployment is completely autonomous. Thanks to innovative technical features, the TMT 13500© is an advanced ATC backup solution.

Military applications

  • Temporary operations on remote located, underequipped or temporary runway
  • Rapid deployments for emergency missions :
  • Relief operations (natural disaster, forest fire,…),
  • ATC back-up on airport where the main tower is damaged.
  • Tactical operations (rapid relocation of the TMT 13500)

Civil applications

  • Replacement of a permanent non-operating tower damaged or undergoing renovation works
  • Temporary ATC facility shared by several airports to ensure ATC services in case of:
  • Airport modernization
  • Airport expansion
  • Temporary ATC tower on big events (sportive meetings, aeronautic shows)
  • Training centers

Thanks to its lifting system, TMT 13500© TOTAL HEIGHT is ADJUSTABLE UP TO 13.8 METERS. The mobile ATC tower is elevated at a rate of 4m/mn and provides an operational height of up to 13 meters for the controllers settled down in the cabin.

The TMT 13500© is DEPLOYED AND SET UP WITHIN LESS THAN 2 HOURS BY 2 PEOPLE. At the end of an operation, the transport mode is recovered in less than 1 hour.

The control cabin is fully equipped in order to establish a LOCAL AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL BY 2 or 3 CONTROLLERS through VHF and/or UHF ground-air communications.

General concept
The mobile tower TMT 13500 concept relies on a scissors lift – mounted cabin system integrated to a trailer. The tower is equipped with a power supply generator that provides an autonomous power supply of tower deployment and operating mode operations. The control cabin is equipped with all the equipment required to provide ATC services: radiocommunication system, antennas system, meteorological station and display equipment, time distribution system, recorders, as well as all the accessories required for controllers

➠ AIR - Hercules C 130
➠ ROAD - Fitted for road haulage Towed by a single standard vehicle
➠ SEA - Flat 40 feet


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